How We Work

When you contact us, you can expect professional and honest advice as well as expert and accurate assistance. We’ll treat you ethically and with respect at all times, i.e. we won’t take you down a path just to get a fee when we know there is little chance of success. When Sunrise Immigration is your adviser, you’ll be treated humanely.

Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Free assessment – complete our quick form with your details and we will assess your situation according to New Zealand’s current immigration rules and policies.
  • Consultation – speak with a licensed immigration adviser to discuss your application in more detail. You will get advice on your options as well as on how to proceed.
  • Information gathering – once a decision is made on the right visa to apply for, we’ll help you gather the required information to support your application.
  • Prepare the application – this is a critical part of the process, but our team has extensive experience so will prepare the application for you.
  • Submit application – we’ll submit the application to Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.
  • Deal with queries – we will deal directly with the immigration authorities if they have any queries or require additional information.
  • Receive the outcome – the immigration authorities will make their decision.
  • Next stages – this part of the process depends on the outcome. If your visa application was successful, we’ll help you plan your next moves by giving you information on things like where to live, schools, and other information you’ll need to know. If your visa application was not successful, we’ll explore your options which could involve appealing the decision.
  • Visa renewals – we’ll keep in touch with you to ensure your visa is renewed on time, if required.

Start the process today by calling us on 64 27 5708628.