About Us

Genoveva Evelyn Ramos is a fully licensed immigration adviser. She is also the Chairperson of the Philippine Migrant Centre-Auckland and has extensive experience as a human rights advocate. She represented many people, particularly women’s cases under Domestic Violence Act

Sunrise has a very strong policy of professionalism, honesty and humane dealing with clients as Ms Ramos seriously says, “we are dealing with the lives of people, they trusted their future to us, it is our moral duty to response to that trust”


  • Professionalism – we treat all clients with complete respect, confidentiality and high standards of service.
  • Humane – we never treat people like a number. Instead, we are compassionate and engaged.
  • Expert – we strive to offer the best quality immigration advice and services.
  • Hardworking – we will work hard on your behalf in whatever capacity we are employed.

How We Can Help You

Work Visa – Sunrise has hundreds of work visa holders scattered all over New Zealand and work in Skilled Occupations

NZ Employers – we work side by side with New Zealand employers hiring skilled workers

Family Visa – Sunrise does not separate families but unite them by working on their visa

Resident Visa – A resident visa lets you live, work, and study in NZ permanently. Get advice on the process and practical assistance.

Student Visa – NZ has world-class universities and further educational institutions plus it’s an exciting place to study. Find out more.

Business Migrant Visa – If you want to do business in NZ or you want to establish a business or office here, we can help with your visa.